Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Everyday Carry Goods

When it comes to your everyday carry as an EMT, what's in your pocket? Do you carry a knife? A penlight? A pair of disposable gloves? Shears?

At theEMSstore we have a plethora of great everyday carry items if your pockets needs a revamp and a little product updating to keep you on your game.

Whether you need latex, nitrile, synthetic or vinyl, theEMSstore offers a huge assortment of disposable gloves to keep you safe and free of germs on the scene.

Keeping a knife handy could be life-saving. With so many great knife options to choose from our site, there's sure to be one that'll fit just perfect in your pocket. Whether for everyday use, or for use on the scene, our knife selection doesn't disappoint. Brands like Spyderco, Boker, and Gerber will bring you quality for years to come. 

Penlights are not just convenient for the EMT, but necessary. You don't have time to blindly search through your first aid kits and supplies during an emergency. Having a quick penlight in your pocket is helpful for note-taking, giving a pupil test, or searching for supplies. 

Trauma shears are a must for an everyday carry for the EMT. So often clothing must be removed to get to a wound and shears make the job easier. We've got endless options of shears that should work for you, keeping you ready and prepared at a moment's notice for what's to come.

Check out other Everyday Carry products over on our website and be sure to beef up your pockets with only the best, today.

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