Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Stay Safe while Saving Lives

Unfortunately, in the day and age we live in, EMS need ballistic vests in those terrible active shooter situations, where immediate response is needed to those wounded. At theEMSstore.com we've got you covered with some amazing Ballistic Vest options that will keep you safe while saving lives.

Check them out:

Point Blank: R20-D EMS Accessory Carrier with C-Series Ballistics

Engineered for Superior Performance. Designed for Maximum Comfort. The R20-D is ideal for EMS who have occasional equipment-carrying assignments. This vest contains level II Point Blank Ballistic Panels or you can easily insert one of the ballistic panels from all three concealable vests, including VISION™, HI-LITE™ Proformance SS2, and C-Series. In minutes, EMS has ballistic protection with load bearing capabilities.

Point Blank: HI-LITE Proformance, Level II, Male Ballistic Vest, NIJ 06, 2 Carriers

Comfortable, flexible protection at a lifesaving price. A complete package with two re-designed HI-LITE carriers and a Soft Trauma Plate Rigorously tested to meet new NIJ 06 Standards, Special Threats, and Military V50 specifications.

  • New carrier design provides greater range of motion, flexibility and adjustability.
  • Patented Self-Suspending Ballistic System™ keeps ballistic panels from rolling and sagging inside the carrier
  • Heat-sealed waterproof & antimicrobial ballistic panel cover protects ballistics against moisture, mildew, sweat, even total submersion
Available in black, blue or white.

There are a few more Point Blank options you can choose from on our site, or Accessory Carriers Only with EMS printing. 

Whatever you choose, choose to be SAFE while saving lives.

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