Thursday, November 13, 2014

NEW Kemp EMS Backpack

See this beauty right here?  This is the new EMS Backpack by KEMP and it might just be the one for you! With it's two large frontal pockets measuring 10"x13"x 3" in depth you have endless options. 

The lower large pocket has elastic loops on the inside to hold onto tools and keep track of your life saving devices--making organization top priority. And the upper pocket comes with a zippered outside pouch. The twi sides feature two pockets that are 19"x7"x4"--again, massive! The right storage pocket has dividers to keep you organized and to knowing where everything is at all times. The left pocket comes with 4 standard size removable pouches as seen below.

When you open the large pocket of the bag you'll see three large utility pouches and one large utility pouch. The bottom of the bag even has a strap that can hold a D tank cylinder! 

When you need to set this bag down in a hurry, no worries--the  hard molded feet on the bottom give it extra protection and a top handle is there if you decide to carry it that way versus on your back.

The padded backpack straps are comfortable and will keep your shoulders feeling good while you're carrying around all your stuff.

Convinced yet? Time to check out the KEMP EMS backpack for yourself. 

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