Tuesday, August 5, 2014

EMS Challenge Board Game

Who said studying had to be boring? Statistics prove that the more fun you have while learning, the better you retain information. Simulaids EMS Challenge Board Game is combining studying with a fun, new game to help students as they ready themselves to be EMT's or for those who currently need a little brushin' up.

Inside this game contains 400 medical knowledge question games. The questions pertain to many different things including medical terminology, definitions, anatomy, physiology and miscellaneous topics reflecting life on the medical front lines.

What users love is that this is a classic-style board game can be played anywhere! All you need is as few as 2 people (or more than that with a fun crowd). Included in the game purchase is the game board, four tokens, one die, and 400 question cards!

You can play this game and figure out your strong points or areas that need more studying, and then go back and do more research. This game just gives a different, refreshing angle when it comes to learning or brushing up on material which keeps it fresh and fun.

It's a great resource to be used in the classroom as a review and studying tool.

Check out this news clip about it, below:

Get your EMS Challenge Board Game, today.

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