Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Product Feature: Simulaids Deluxe Casualty Simulation Kit

We know that training is a hugely valuable and important part to your career, which is why we love offering the Simulaid brand! They provide awesome training supplies so you can get the most out of your training to provide as real-life situations as possible, thus making it relevant and a valuable learning experience.

The Simulaids Deluxe Casuality Simulation Kit is no joke and it contains 7 bleeding strap-on wounds and 15 types of moulage stick-on wounds. In this kit, the full line of accessories allows you to create 70 individual wounds, plus use your makeup expertise to create more realistic wounds! This simulation kit is awesome!

It's not only a great resource for realistic EMS trainings, but could be used on smaller scene movie sets or for theater in high schools and universities.

Packaged conveniently in a sturdy carrying case (included), and also with detailed instructions for application.

The Kit Contains:
1Stick-on Wounds, Eyeball900
1Foreign body protrusion901
1Eviscerated intestines902
1Large laceration 5 mm903
1Medium laceration 3 mm904
1Small laceration 1 mm905
1Compound fractured tibia906
1Compound fractured humerus907
1Compound fractured femur908
1Small sepsis wound909
1Large sepsis wound910
1Avulsion 3 x 5 cm911
1Major avulsion 8 x 5 cm912
1Crushed foot913
12nd degree burn914
11st, 2nd, & 3rd degree burn827
1Small flesh wound824
1Large fracture830
1Jaw Wound829
1Small Fracture826
1Perforated Wound828
1*Crushed foot6730
1*Impalement lower leg6729
1*Broken clavicle6727
1*Compound fracture of Humerous6816
1*Compound fracture Tibia6761
1*Laceration of forearm6726
1*Projectile Entry6728
1Burnt Tibia6710
 *Bleeding strap-on wound with reservoir bags & pumps

1Body adhesivePP2159
1Cold cream851
1Cotton balls843
1Mineral oil240
1Petroleum jelly239
1Plexiglas pack230
1Q-tipsReorder 100,841
1Pocket pak tissues844
1Tongue depressors842
1Fake dirt233
1Liners: black, white, brown, red, flesh, blue, yellow236, 220, 221, 218, 237, 222, 867
1Simulation wax223
1Plasteline: Dark, White855, 856
1Methyl cellulose228
1Blood powder225
1Coagulant blood226

Nothing is forgotten in this 22" x 13" x 15" simulation kit!

Take your trainings to the next level with the Simulaids Deluxe Casualty Simulation Kit, today. 

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