Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Review: ClearCollar Adjustable Cervical Collar

-" In my opinion this is the most user friendly collar that I have had the privilege to use. " Reviewer, Kelly Lamkin

About our reviewer, Kelly LamkinI have been in EMS for 21+ years. During that time I have been a medic for 17 years and I have worked as a career fire/medic for 5 years. While with the fire department I achieved the level of lieutenant. Currently I working as a chase medic in both Lancaster and Chester Counties (PA). I love prehospital medicine and all that goes along with it except the crazy long hours. For that reason I have decided to go back to school and I will be finishing my RN by the end of 2013. 

Over my career I have used many different types of C-collars. The Clear Collar is by far the most versatile collar I have used thus far. This collar gives you 9 different height levels. Everyone has had that obese, no neck patient, but this collar has enough height settings so that you are able to use this collar on the most difficult of patients.

The collar is clear so you are able to see everything that is under the collar without having to remove the collar. The Clear Collar has a soft, but durable, plastic that goes around all the edges. This plastic grips the skin so the collar doesn't slide around. The back of the collar has cutouts vs. being a solid. What this does is add comfort to the patient by allowing a little bit of flexibility.

The other nice feature of this collar are the hooks on the side so you can hook the oxygen tubing to it. I have shown this collar to several of my fellow providers and they have all had positive comments about it. They agree with me that the 9 height levels will be helpful with applying cervical stabilization to a more diverse group of patients. In my opinion this is the most user friendly collar that I have had the privilege to use. 


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