Tuesday, November 12, 2013

EMI Cervical Collar

Today we're going to tell you a little bit about the EMI Cervical Collar.

This cervical collar is a great option because it's adjustable, lightweight, strong--and yet flexible enough to easily apply in an emergency situation.

The EMI Cervical Collar can be adjusted at 4 different positions, which are: no-neck, short, regular and tall. This ensures that every patient is fitted correctly and comfortably, keeping any more harm out of the picture.

The way the collar is padded on it's inner layer makes it comfortable for the patient. EMI kept all things in mind when creating this Cervical Collar. It includes a large posterior and anterior opening to allow the rescuer palpation of the spine as well as access to the tracheal and carotid areas. The Immobilizer Cervical Collar can easily be penetrated by x-ray, MRI, or Cat scans, and is compatible with spine boards and other head immobilizers.

This collar is available in children's, too--which has all the same features as the adult, except it has 3 adjustable positions which are mini, mid, and pedi.

Click for more info on the EMI Cervical Collar.


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