Tuesday, October 29, 2013

LoyaltyBucks are Here!

Our new LoyaltyBucks Rewards have begun and we are so excited to tell you more about it! This is where it pays to be a member! It's free, it takes no work at all, just do your normal shopping on theEMSstore.com and earn as you go!

LoyaltyBucks is a cool way for you to make 2% back from what you spend on our sites. Meaning, each buck is equivalent to $1 US Dollar, and then can be applied to future orders after a 30 day pending time frame.

All you have to do is be logged in as a site member when you're shopping.

This is a great way to give our loyal members and website shoppers an added perk!

All LoyaltyBucks are usable between all of our affiliate sites, which means if you frequent any of our other sites (TheFireStore.com, HomeSafetyStore.com, OfficerStore.com, or GideonTactical.com) then you will earn as you shop there, too!

Here are our FAQ's to help you understand LoyaltyBucks best:

Loyalty Points
Who qualifies to earn LoyaltyBucks?
Anyone who is a member of OfficerStore.com will automatically earn LoyaltyBucks on every purchase. Join today it's free!!
Loyalty Points
How do I earn LoyaltyBucks?
As a member you don't have to do anything except make sure you are logged in when you make your purchases. You will earn an everyday 2% value of every order with the potential for special promotions to increase the LoyaltyBucks you earn. For example: You will earn 2 LoyaltyBucks on a $100 order. Or if we are having a 2X the LoyaltyBucks promotion a $100 order will earn you 4 LoyaltyBucks. 1 LoyaltyBuck is equal to $1.
Loyalty Points
Where can I find the total amount of LoyaltyBucks I have 
There are a couple places to find the total. If you are logged in you can see it in the shopping cart just to the left of the Checkout button. You can also see it in theMyAccount section of the site in the top right-hand corner of the screen as long as you are logged in.
Loyalty Points
Can I use my accrued LoyaltyBucks on your other websites?
Absolutely, any purchase you make on any of our sites will accrue LoyaltyBucks and they can also be redeemed on any site. Our sites consist of OfficerStore.com, TheFireStore.com, TheEMSStore.com, HomeSafetyStore.com, and GideonTactical.com.
Loyalty Points
Are my LoyaltyBucks redeemable for cash?
Loyalty Points
How do I redeem my LoyaltyBucks on an order?
Simple, while logged in and in your shopping cart just add the amount of LoyaltyBucks you would like to use in the box just to the left of the Checkout button and then click Apply. That's it!!
Loyalty Points
How long after I place my order should I see my LoyaltyBucks
in My Account?
You will see them immediately after your order is placed but they will be pending until 30 days has passed then they will be activated.
Loyalty Points
Can I use my LoyaltyBucks on your mobile site?
Not at this time but they are coming soon.

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