Tuesday, December 4, 2012

On Scene Review: StatGear Laryngoscope Bottle Opener

About our Reviewer: I’m Scot A. Kreger PHRN. I started in EMS in 1984 as an Army Medic stationed at Ft. Ritchie, Md. While serving at Ft. Ritchie I obtained my Emergency Medical Technician.  Shortly after my discharge from the Army 1987 I became a Paramedic . In 2004 I graduated from Delaware County Community College with my Nursing Degree and started working at Brandywine Hospital. After 2 years of working in the Emergency Department I transferred to Medic 93 where I currently work for BWH.  So all told I have 30 years Emergency Medical Service experience. 


The StatGear Bottle Opener comes in several different colors for the person who wants to stand out and be different; from Pink to EMS Blue. These bottle openers are going to get you comments and questions when you're standing around the kitchen opening a bottle or at the bar. 

The StatGear Bottle Opener is small enough to place on your keychain to carry with you, yet big enough to open that bottle with little to no problems.  Some people with bigger hands might find it a little more difficult to grip this bottle opener while getting just the right pop on the bottle cap.

The StatGear Bottle Opener is made with Solid Zinc Alloy and covered with an Anodized  coloring to prevent rust, this should give the StatGear Bottle Opener a long life for opening those bottles. I would recommend the StatGear Bottle Opener to everyone! It's small yet gets the job done and it would make a perfect stocking stuffer or little gift!


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