Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Product Feature: Themoscan Pro 4000 Thermometer

Taking a patients temperature is an important part to the job, but can also be challenging. With the help of the Braun Themoscan Pro 4000 Thermometer, it's not anymore! This new thermometer takes temperatures with a click of a button, in seconds, making it easy on the patient and even easier on you!

The easy to read LCD display screen helps to make the reading quick and accurate, and is the only ear thermometer with a preheated probe and sensor for reliable readings.


-Digital Display
-Tympanic Use
-Ergonomically designed to take temperatures easily and accurately with a button click
-ExacTemp technology signals correct positioning
-Preheated probe tip minimizes cool-down for improved accuracy.
-Automatic probe cover eject button for quick and easy disposal of used probe covers.

To check out the Braun Themoscan Pro 4000 Thermometer, click here!

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