Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Product Feature: TransLite Veinlite EMS Vein Finder

Finding and cannulating a vein during an emergency can sometimes be very stressful and difficult. The peripheral veins become near ghosts when shock sets in making cannulation a nightmare.  TransLite has produced an answer to all EMS providers’ prayers by developing this unique side transillumination device called the Veinlite.

The device is shaped like a horseshoe and is lined with 16 (EMS) or 12 (Pedi) LED’s which emit orange or red light to aid in visualizing those hard to find veins. 

With all TransLite products it is an easy 3 step process to prepare for cannulating the vein.

1. First find the vein
2. Push down to close the vein
3. Pull back to stretch the skin.

Pass the needle through the opening in the horseshoe which is designed to allow the rescuer to cannulate the vein making you the hero every time!

  • Carry case for the Veinlite EMS
  • LED lighting for transillumination
  • Disposable cover shield to prevent cross contamination and exposure to bio hazards 
  • Veinlite EMS: 115mm x 55mm x 21mm 
Optional items:
  •  Disposable covers for Veinlite EMS
  •  Carry Case for Veinlite EMS

**Veinlite EMS comes with disposable covers to protect it from any biohazards.  The Veinlite EMS is powered by 2 AA alkaline batteries.  Include with the Veinlite EMS is a light shield and a pediatric adapter. 

Learn more on the Translite Veinlite!

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